Introducing DR Processor for Windows

DR Processor (or "Digital Radio Processor") is a Windows program for use with software defined radios. It allows you to listen to radio and view graphic displays of the signals present in a given band of radio spectrum.

Beta version 2 offers basic SDR functionality along with some new features that are not built-in to other SDR programs, such as scanning, tone squelch, tone detection, and the option of viewing a wide range of radio spectrum exceeding the SDRs normal bandwidth.
Scanning is only partially implemented at this time. Future versions will offer a more complete feature set.

Currently this program supports SDRs which have ExtIO DLLs available (such as SDR Play, Airspy, and RTL-SDRs). It works best on Windows 7 or 10 with an Intel i7 CPU.

Click on the following link to download the program and manual: DR Processor.